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A Dump Cart for Riding Mowers


You can use a dump cart to carry dirt or plants around the yard. This old-fashioned cart will provide you with a way to carry gardening equipment around the yard with ease. This cart can be constructed in approximately two days. Soon you will wonder how you ever got along without it.


When you want to own a new dump cart, there are many types you can select. Some are primarily decorative, featuring ornate construction and decorative elements that allow them to be parked in various places around your yard. When holding potted plants, these carts make it easy to move the plants to areas of shade or sunlight as needed. Most dump carts are primarily utilitarian, making use of heavy-duty components to carry heavy loads from place to place.

Materials and Construction

A basic dump cart can use scrap lumber and plywood construction. Salvaged wheels, including tractor wheels and bicycle wheels, are all options for a pull-behind dump cart. Some basic designs use PVC pipes for a frame and plywood for the cart's sides. You would better haul the load you intend to carry strongly with the hitch and tongue. While a wooden tongue is fine for lighter loads, you'll need a steel tongue if you plan to carry heavy loads of stone or dirt in a large cart.


A dump cart can help you a lot which attaches to your riding mower in the yard. Hauling landscaping materials is one use, which will save time and energy compared to using a wheelbarrow or transporting material such as dirt and gravel by the bucket-fulls. Dump carts also serve to carry tools from a garage or shed to the site of the work. Decorative garden carts are useful for moving and displaying plants.

How to build a dump cart

Measure and draw out the necessary shapes onto the plywood. You will need one rectangle base that measures 23 inches by 4 feet, two rectangle sides that measure 4 feet by 15 inches, two rectangle braces that measure 28 inches by 3 inches, two handles that measure 6 feet by 2 inches, two leg braces that measure 2 inches by 15 inches, one rectangle side that is 23 inches by 15 inches, and one leg brace that measures 24-inches by 2-inches.

Cut the shapes out of the wood with the saw. Assemble the base by laying out the pieces in the following manner. Lay the braces measuring 4 x 15 parallel on the ground. Screw the pieces in where they touch. Use four screws for this job. Lay the metal strips just outside the box you just made. Attach with two screws on each side, eight screws altogether.

Lay the metal strips just outside the box you just made. Attach with two screws on each side, eight screws altogether. Turn the whole thing over. Use four screws for this task. You can use strip metal to build a stabilizing triangle around the feet of the dump cart.

Take the rectangle base and lay on the ground. Sit each cart side against the base and measure where the side and base will meet. Screw the back into the cart with four screws per side (12 total). Attach the cart to the base with four large screws.

Attach the axle to the two bicycle wheels. Set the cart on top of the wheels. Attach the axle to the bottom of the cart with three strips of scrap metal per side. Screw into place. You should use water-resistant paint to seal the cart. Place rust protector on the wheels and axle of the cart.