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A Lawn Sweeper For Leaves And Grass


I think it costs you some money to keep your garden clean and tidy if you have a garden or lawn at home. Having a lawn or garden at home can really make your residence or place of stay a beautiful and nice one with clean smelling fresh air every morning, but you need to put in some effort and time to make sure that it is growing all right and also that everything is spic and span.

I don't know about you, but I hate raking leaves. As a child every fall my chore was to rake and clear all the leaves that had accumulated between the bushes and our neighbors yard. What really irked me was, from what I could tell, none of the leaves were even from trees in our yard! Shouldn't our neighbors have to come over and get "their" leaves out of "our" yard? What a pain it was to wrestle with all those wet leaves, and when they were dry, to try and wrestle them into a trash bag.

A lawn sweeper may seem to be as much a throwback to the fifties as the walk behind, manual, push-till-you-drop-lawn mower. It is a four wheeled device the front axle of which is covered with bristles that revolve to pick up leaves from a yard and toss them into a cloth walled reception area. You may push it by hand from the rear, tow from the front with a gas or electric motor.

The price ranges of lawn sweepers can run anywhere from $100 to over $900. And the cheaper ones are human powered. Most come with adjustable heights enabling you to dial in the right height for your lawn and grass length. In most cases, some assembly is required so be prepared to put it together yourself.

Using a lawn sweeper has lots of advantages compared to a leaf blower. It will gather up the leaves into one place--the receptacle area--where they can be bagged, or put on a compost pile, or used as mulch. It does not stir up and propel twigs, sand or small pieces of yard debris that may put eye sight or fragile surfaces at risk. Also it may be used on a paved, brick or concrete area to pick up various sorts of trash without sending them aloft to be chased down and retrieved, It will not blister unprotected hands and fingers as sometimes happens with a rake.

These machines are available locally and price wise, start at a little more than a hundred dollars and range upward. While it may seem to be quite a bit to pay for a tool that is not used very much, it can also be used to pick up grass clippings after a lawn mowing or used onto clean a parking lot without fear of damage to vehicles.