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About wood flour machine


   Wood powder machine Frequently Asked Questions: Wood flour machine after a long period of use, there may be such a problem. Mechanical problems can affect our normal production. We need to repair the machinery, we will tell you today about the common problem of wood powder solution. The following are the same as the "
   If there is a rivet hole prone to fatigue cracks in the case, can not use a new electrode for welding repair cracks, but to impeller axis line for the central symmetry, while the crack at the end of welding the remaining welding rod Stay in the place, and then use a new electrode to repair the symmetrical rivet hole cracks, welding the remaining electrode and the symmetrical rivets repair the same as the remaining electrode to ensure that the welding up the same weight. If there is no crack in the symmetrical rivet hole, the electrode should be welded here to offset the new welding weight of the symmetrical rivet hole. Welding by this method of symmetry can be used to repair the crack. The following are the same as the "
   In the face of the common problem of the rivet head of the impeller, we can weld the welding wheel by pressing the hub and the impeller body, and by this way the worn head of the wear is returned to the original normal state. Often to the impeller for a simple dynamic balance test, in fact, the method is also very convenient. First of all to impose the impeller, and then hand to make it gently turn, if there is no balance will stop to the lowest point and left and right swing. If there is a place where there is a heavy spot on the opposite impeller on the spot welding, increase the weight to balance it, you can also use the angle grinder to pay attention to the impeller of the welding marks, which can achieve a balance, so that the fan can repair the normal work The. Very prompt, in the process of repairing the fan can not use welding free soldering, and the weld to stay on the impeller, resulting in the balance of the fan impeller, not to repair the purpose of wood powder machine, resulting in their greater losses.