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Adjust the Suitable Speed of Cnsuperpower Log Splitter


You may have noticed that your Cnsuperpower Forest King Log Splitter has a setup engine speed for cutting wood. The engine speed actually controls the force exerted by the wedge on the wood to separate it. If you want the wedge to exert greater force, you need to increase the engine speed of the Cnsuperpower splitter; this can be achieved on some models, but not all.

The main reason you might need to adjust the splitter speed is to help the wedge break through harder wood. In these cases, the faster the speed will cut the wood, swing less, and will not make the wedge blunt.

Step 1: Look at your user manual, which will provide you with the complete specifications of the separator, such as engine size, force and torque. How fast is the current operation and can it be adjusted?

Step 2: Locate the "Force Adjustment" dial on the main body of the splitter. If your model does not have one of these dials, the only way to adjust the speed is by changing the engine power, which is very dangerous.

Step 3: Before attempting any adjustments, make sure to turn off the log divider. Accidental collision or turning the dial may start the engine, causing serious accidents and personal injury.

Step 4: Turn the turntable to a lower force or speed. It is best to work from the low point. On some models, you can complete this step at once until you reach the desired speed.

Step 5: Start your engine and test the new speed by placing a piece of wood under the wedge. If the movement is too fast, the wood will fly out, hit yourself or others, causing serious injury.

As you can see, you can use the dial provided by Cnsuperpower to adjust the speed of log splitter. While it is possible to adjust the speed in other ways, it is important to remember that these are very dangerous and will not be recommended in any way. You can also try to grind the wedge as this will help it move the wood faster.