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Be Green With a Lawn Sweeper


A lawn sweeper is made for you to help you rake leaves. A number of lawn sweepers are pulled behind riding lawn mowers. Which definitely makes them easier to work with. Nevertheless you do have to have a riding mower to use one. Other forms are self-propelled and human operated. As with the different types, price ranges vary greatly also. The self-propelled and tractor pull-behind will be more expensive but need less manual labor. Which isn't this particular the reason we're looking at them to begin with?

In some cities, leaf blowers have even been outlawed because of their loud noise. Since this started happening however, most leaf blower companies have started making models which are much quieter and run at extremely less decibels. But still, think of all that pollution going into the air just in your neighborhood, now take that times millions! While leaf blowers are nice and help move all the leaves into a nice pile, you still have to pick them up somehow and bag them. You can combine the two steps into one with a lawn sweeper.

Lawn sweepers work the same way as the tow-behind models. A series of small brushes spin on an axle and sweep the leaves up into a hopper. These tools work great and can sweep the leaves up around the yard in no time! There are two major types of lawn sweepers, push and tow behind lawn sweepers. The push sweeper is manual so that you push it much like you would a push lawn mower. As it moves across your lawn, the axle spins brushes that sweep up leaves, sticks, and debris into a hopper. Generally the hopper is made of canvas and holds from several cubic feet up to over 16 cubic feet (depending on the size of sweeper).

Push lawn sweepers are pieces of lawn equipment which sweep your yard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and for any budget. A simple push yard sweeper can be found for around $100. Yard or leaf sweepers combine two steps into one by sweeping the leaves up into a hamper or hopper which can easily be dumped into a garden or trash bag. Hopper sizes range from a few cubic feet up to 30 gallons for the bigger tow-behind sweepers. Although with the tow-behind sweepers your still using gasoline to pull it behind a lawn tractor or ATV.