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Buying an Electric Wood Splitter


With more homeowners heating with wood than ever before, it seems only natural that a large number of them would decide to save money and cut and split their own wood. This means they need the right tools to get the job done. While chainsaws are most often used to fell trees and cut them into log sections these large logs then need to be split in order to fit and burn properly in a fireplace. This means that the person splitting the wood either needs to do this task by hand using an axe or by using a gas or electric log splitter.

Most homeowners who cut their own wood find electric wood splitters to be the perfect choice to meet their needs. Why choose an electric wood splitter over a gas wood splitter? There are many reasons for this and here are a few of the benefits that electric wood splitters have over their gas counter parts.

Lighter. In most cases, an electric wood splitter is lighter than gas splitters. This makes them easier to move about and causes less stress and strain on the person moving them.

Quieter. Just compare the amount of noise pollution caused by a gas chainsaw when compared to an electric one or a gas lawn mower when compared to an electric mower and you will have some idea to the difference in noise levels between a gas and electric splitter.

Cost Less To Use. Gas is by no means cheap these days and gas wood splitters are not exactly fuel-efficient, which means that you are going to pay a bundle in fuel costs by the time you split enough wood to get through a long hard winter. Electric splitters on the other hand really don't take them much power to run and best, of all you are not going to have to stop what you are doing to run and get more fuel.

No Harmful Exhaust. Electric wood splitters also don't have any harmful exhaust unlike gas splitters that spew exhaust fumes the whole time they are running which means that you are adding a lot of pollution to the environment when using a gas splitter.

Electric splitters run on a small electric powered engine. They can split any log required for residential use. They work best on softer woods with light daily use. If you plan to split dense wood, or work for more than 8 hours a day several days in a row, you may need to consider an alternative with more power.

These logs splitters are great if you are looking to split a few logs a day for firewood, or a wood burning stove. Though they are less powerful than a diesel or hydraulic splitter, they are just as noisy. You are best to use your splitter in an open area away from those around you.

Electric log splitters are a great product for their price, and often cost less to run. They are easily portable and can be stored away in a convenient place. For the homeowner in areas that often get windstorms that can down trees, this is a great investment.