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Causes and treatment of wear failure of rotor and hammer in shredder


What is the reason for the failure of the metal crusher head and how to deal with it?
(1) cause analysis
In the long run, and the rotor plate hammer shredder because of friction material and anti impact and uneven wear, resulting in the plate hammer and the rotor contact gap, running up as the rotor rotation center of gravity and it varies greatly, thereby causing additional centrifugal force, vibration, premature bearing wear, will make the shaft bending or local severe wear, the plate hammer installed affected plate hammer suspended and bending shear stress, shorten the life of the plate hammer, hammer screw is often broken and bent, affect the normal operation.
(2) handling measures
1) when the rotor is repaired and the plate hammer is replaced, the balance of the rotor parts is required. To do this, we must do the following preparatory work:
Pull up the top cover of the shredder, remove the triangular adhesive tape, and clean the bearings and bearings at both ends;
Fill with mechanical oil after cleaning and turn the rotor by hand until it is flexible and light;
When rotating the rotor, the balance condition was observed;
According to the imbalance of the rotor rotation, make sure the welding position and mark it;
The rotor length is divided into segments, each of which is about 200mm in length;
The old hammer will be replaced unloaded, new plate hammer by weighing, and chalk on the plate hammer;
The players for grinding wheel, electric arc welding device.
2) repair rotor, configure plate hammer operation steps:
In the whole circle of the first section of the rotor, the manual arc is used to weld the worn parts;
When welding to the original design size of the rotor, stop welding and use the grinding wheel to touch the side of the hammer;
According to the static balance experiment, the balance of rotor is observed. If there is still imbalance, manual arc can be used in the original surfacing position to continue welding the counterweight until the rotor is balanced;
The welding repair of other segments of rotor shall be carried out according to the above procedures;
A plate hammer with the same weight or small difference is symmetrically arranged around the repaired rotor, so that the rotor is in good balance.
3) operation and maintenance essentials:
Check the hammer (striking plate), the back plate and the guard plate as well as the rotor's abrasion, and replace or repair the worn parts in time. Tighten the connecting screws to prevent loosening and falling.
Pay attention to the material in the feeding machine, whether there is any metal, such as metal, etc., and find that the operation of the machine is out of order, and stop the inspection immediately.
Equalizing feed to prevent blockage, shall not join more than the size of the material.
If the machine is not completely stopped, the door of the fuselage shall not be opened for inspection.
After adjusting the tear space, the rotor is to be checked to avoid too small clearance and to break the rotor and the back plate. After adjustment, attention should be paid to tighten the screws of the return plate.
In the equipment overhaul or taken apart and put the rotor, the rotor must ensure flexible rotation, balance weight. The impact plate should be replaced at the same time, otherwise the rotor weight is unbalanced, so that the body vibration.