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China Log Splitters Safety Standard


There are different sizes and sizes of wood splitters on the market. From the home of the portable China Log Splitter to commercial wood production of large fixed wood cutting machine. Split actions are commonly performed by moving ax or wedges, which may cause the opponent and the foot to cause an extrusion risk. We need to determine whether the wood splitters have high, medium or low risk. When determining the risk level, all relevant design and operational factors must be considered, including:

• The distance between the extrusion zone and the operator

• The distance between the potential grips and the operator

• The speed of the ax or the wedge

• whether it is necessary to grasp or stabilize the wood by hand

• The operator's clarity of view of the separation action

• Control the design - for example, whether by manual or other physical action.

The purpose of the protection of the wood splitter is to prevent the staff from being injured, for example, hit by the fallen wood. For certain machines, the protection requirements are mandatory when determining high risk. Protective equipment is optional for machines with a wedge speed less than a medium-risk machine of nominal 60 mm / s. If the wedge speed exceeds 60mm per second, the risk level becomes higher, and the requirements in this section are mandatory. The guarding must:

• Protect the arm that does not control the machine but may be located in the extrusion area

• Avoid potential risk of extrusion in return

• Protect the operator's foot during the split operation.

• Ensure that the hands are manually disengaged to prevent injury to both hands.

• The machine should be run manually - that is, if any of the hands are stopped, the machine stops immediately

• The controller can not be operated by one hand or one arm or any other part of the body at the same time