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Choosing a Log Splitter Can be a Chore


Choosing a Log Splitter or a wood splitter can be a chore.With many different types and different sizes available, how do you know exactly which is right for you? A few things to consider when shopping for a log splitter are what size and type of wood will you be splitting? How long has the wood been sitting around and waiting to be split? What are the number of knots in the wood that will have to dealt with? Thickness and type of wood are also important to think about when shopping for a wood splitter.

Wood Splitter Types

There are various types and sizes of log splitter attachments that will fit onto a skid steer. For starters, there is the basic kind that will cut wood vertically, exactly the same way as if you were using an extremely heavy ax. Alternatively, there are skid steer attachments that slice horizontally, opening up new avenues of wood splitting. Various attachments will even be able to alternate between four and two way wedge cuts. All of these wood splitter attachments are made to be cross compatible with different makes and models of skid steers, of which most people have a Bobcat or a Caterpillar.

Wood Splitter Sizes

Size makes a big difference depending on what you need the wood splitter for. Different jobs require different lengths and tonnage. For working around the house, you should be able to get by with a 10 or 15 ton log splitter because there's no need to go for an industrial size if you just need it for off and on use. If, however, you do a lot of daily wood splitting, then 20 or 30 ton skid steer log splitters might be more suited for you.

There are enough sizes and styles of skid steer log splitters for anyone to find what they need and get their wood cut as easily as possible.