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Classification of wood chips and the scope of application


    Wood chip machine, also known as wood slicer, wood chip machine is the production of high quality wood chip special equipment. The pine, poplar, poplar, fir and other types of wood, bamboo cutting into pieces of uniform, but also on the skin, slicing veneer, bamboo wood, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non wood fiber rod and other materials.
   In accordance with mechanical construction, wood chip machines can be divided into two categories: cutting knives, disc mounted disc machines, and drum cutters mounted on cylindrical drums.  The disc machine is mainly used for cutting wood logs, cut out of wood quality is better, the more in the pulp and paper mill, and drum machine for wood wood species has wide adaptability, can be used for skin and other wood.
   Disc wood chip machine is divided into: usually chip machine (4 to 6 knives), multi knife wood machine (8 to 12 knives) and spiral surface wood chip machine three kinds. The feeding methods of the three wood chip machines include two kinds of oblique feed and feed at the same time. Chipper Long log, usually flat feeding, chipping short logs and skin can use oblique mouth feeding, also can choose flat feeding.
   Wood chips to be used for processing mill pine, poplar, fir, bamboo, Yang wood and other materials, mainly used in MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) industry. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for bamboo, straw, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fibrous materials like the chip. This series of equipment is suitable for mobile operation, preparing process is widely used in small and medium Particleboardand fiber production enterprises, the self-employed can also be used for the production of wood products.