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Cnsuperpower Gasoline Wood Chipper Shredders


A standalone, gasoline-powered machine is the best chipper shredder option for most homeowners. These appear in models with 4-HP engines up to 10-HP and beyond. A lot of counterbalance in the 100 to 200 lbs. range, but the better ones are so abundant that you charge to tow them with a tractor or some added vehicle. The everyman ability models are agnate in chipping/shredding ability to the a lot of able electric models. Keep in apperception that these machines are absolutely a bit noisier than electric shredders.

You should strongly consider buying a gas-powered chipper shredder if any of these conditions apply to your situation:

You regularly have a large volume of prunings, branches, leaves and other yard debris

You need to chip branches larger than 1.5 inches in diameter

You need to move the machine outside the reach of a long, large gauge extension cord

You want to chip the most material in the least amount of time

If you think you need a gas-powered chipper shredder, then my best recommendation is to buy the most horsepower you can afford. For most people with average amounts of leaves and branches, anything less than an 8-HP machine is probably going to leave them disappointed. I have nearly an acre of yard and am quite happy with my Earthquake 9-HP chipper shredder, since I've been unable to bog it down even with 3-inch diameter branches. A smaller, less powerful machine would leave me wanting more.