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Cnsuperpower Introduction Chipper Shredder


Chipper shredder, chipper shredder and combination chipper shredder shredders all have one thing in common.They cut, chip or grind organic material into smaller pieces to reduce its volume, make it easier to handle and prepare it for mulching or composting.

There are several different designs for chipper shredder shredder machines, but most homeowner machines use a disk design that includes sharp blades for cutting wood and semi-sharp, hardened flails for breaking down lighter material such as leaves, grass or small twigs. The blades and flails are attached to a large, heavy fly wheel run by either a gasoline or electric motor. Single-purpose machines either chip wood or shred lighter material into mulch. Most residential machines do both. Most of the chipper shredder reviews in this guide are for combo machines.

Combo chipper shredders have two ports through which material is inserted. A small chute to one side is used for chipping branches up to four inches in diameter on larger machines. A wide mouth hopper accepts smaller material such as leaves, clippings, grass and twigs up to one-inch diameter. After cutting or shredding, the material from either the chute or hopper is directed toward an exit port. Usually, the exit is covered with a screen or mesh that blocks larger pieces so that they are re-shredded until small enough to pass through. The reduced material either flows onto the ground or into a collection bag.

A popular, economical cutting design aimed at homeowners with small yards is the use of trimmer cord instead of a disk with blades and flails. The cutting heads are much like that on a string trimmer and may be mounted horizontally or vertically. These machines are made for small, light and loose material. Their advantages are lower cost, lightweight and extreme portability.

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