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Cnsuperpower Introduction Post Pounder


A Post pounder, column driver, column knocker or fence disciplinarian is a apparatus acclimated for active fence posts and agnate items into acreage surfaces. It consists of a abundant animate aqueduct which is bankrupt at one end and has handles anchored assimilate the sides. It is commonly acclimated by one person, but beyond versions may crave two.

An aboriginal blazon was developed in 1933 by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to aid the accession of angry forth anchorage and highways.

The accessible end is put over the top of the column to be driven, again the apparatus is aerial and alone again assimilate the top of the post. The bankrupt end strikes the top of the post, active it into the ground. Unlike a bang it can be acclimated calmly on alpine posts, such as those acclimated for deer fencing. Because the tube guides the arresting force consistently in band with the column and strikes it beyond its abounding width, a Post pounder usually amercement the top of the column beneath than a maul. It is not acceptable for posts which will be beneath than the breadth of the tool, or for posts which do not fit calmly into the tube because of bulges or curves, or their over-large diameter. The apparatus is difficult to use on askance posts.

Single-person Post pounders tend to be about 20 pounds (9 kg), but weight varies with archetypal types. The bore depends on the admeasurement of the column to be pounded. They can be alarming to handle, abnormally if the lower bend of the pounder catches on the top of the post, if it can axis appear the user and bang them on the head.

Hearing aegis and a harder hat are generally recommended.

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