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Daily maintenance of sawdust granulator


① Often check the wood chip particle bearing lubrication is good, check all fasteners are fastened. Regular inspection of the machine oil pump is working properly, the lubricating oil is intact, if you find the damaged pump should be replaced, check the belt is damaged, the belt or the upper trough oil, cleaning time to clean cloth.
② Check the protection device is good, if found that the protection device is not safe, should be promptly eliminated. Wood pellet machine equipment before checking whether there is a hole granulation or other debris, if timely cleaning.
③ Check the locking bolt is locked, adjust the pressure roller gap is correct. Regularly check whether the use of the machine oil, so that will not cause unnecessary trouble.
④ Wood chips machine is not the more oil the better, this is the provisions, not the more the better, the workers should be based on the instructions on the oil to carry out the operation. If added more than not work and there will be side effects. So after the time to pay attention to look at the instructions, according to the instructions that operation, to avoid unnecessary danger.
⑤ Remember that no direct use of waste oil, wood chips machine is different from other machines, previously replaced the waste oil can not be reused, if the direct import of waste oil, not only did not save money will cause damage to the machine, resulting in unnecessary loss. But can be separated from the waste oil, separated before use, remember not directly add waste oil.
⑥ Not any lubricants are suitable for the use of wood chips, not every machine design is the same, you look at the appearance of the same, but in fact there is not the same, which shows that not all of the oil are Suitable for all kinds of lubricants are added with different additives, showing different performance, so also choose the right lubricants.