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Electric Log Splitter VS Gas Log Splitter - Best Log Splitter


Many people are unsure whether an electric log splitter or a gas log splitter is the right choice for them.If you're considering buying a new log splitter, you may have begun to debate whether you want an electric Log Splitter or a gas-powered model.

While both models have their own set of advantages and disadvantages it is necessary to understand these differences in order to make an informed decision depending on the splitting capacity that is needed, the length and diameter of the logs to be split as well as the portability of the log splitter and where it is going to be used.

The Electric log splitters have been around for quite a long time.The average electric log splitter can handle logs that range up to 20.5” in length and up to 12” in diameter depending on the model that you choose. If you have logs larger than this that need to be split then the gas log splitter may be a better option for you. Gas log splitters have more splitting capacity and can handle the toughest and knottiest logs that range up to 25” in length and up to 18” in diameter. This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when determining which type of log splitter is the best option for you.

If the wood splitters is to be used domestically, an electric log splitter or a manual log splitter would be the best choice. They are far cheaper compared to the gas log splitters and at the same time have zero maintenance and easy to store. But if the intent is to use to the log splitter commercially or for rental purposes, then it best go for gas log splitter.

Electric Log Splitters are far more environment friendly as compared to their gas counterparts. They will not do any damage to the environment so you don’t have to worry about this when choosing one but there are a few other things that you definitely need to take into consideration. A major thing which you need to look at is whether you want a gas powered log splitter or not. In my opinion electric log splitters are the best option. This is because they can be used indoor and outdoor. They work very efficiently and will definitely get the job done without a doubt. The one drawback is that they definitely do not have the same power as petrol or gas powered log splitters.