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Electric Log Splitters - A Clean Alternative


Log Splitter - cnsuperpower with increasing environmental awareness, people are considering firewood as an alternative to other forms of fuel. Firewood burns far cleaner than competing sources of fuel, and is often regarded as carbon neutral. Trees are certainly renewable resources comparing to petroleum and coal.

You can buy a small electric log splitter or a huge commercial hydraulic style gas log splitter that can be towed behind a truck or car. If you buy your splitter at a local hardware store, the staff can probably give you a good demonstration. Once you see the machine in action, you'll have no trouble running it.

Just take your log and set it into the cradle located on the splitter. Make sure that wood is securely fastened so that it can't move or fall out of the cradle. Push the button or lever and off you go. A very sharp bladed wedge or ram is pushed against the log with enough force from the motor or pump to break the log into nice even pieces. Then remove the pieces and set a new log into the cradle! It's so much faster than spitting by hand that you'll be happy to use it.

With a resetting cycle of between eight and twenty seconds, the log splitter is fast! Doing the work of almost five people at one time by hand, you'll really be amazed at how fast your chores go by! There are two types of wedges to choose from, horizontal and vertical. Most people use the horizontal type for regular home use. If you're taking your splitter off property, the vertical type is safer for uneven ground.

If you choose a small splitter that you can push yourself, or a great big pull-behind style, buying a gas log splitter will be an excellent choice for your winter time chores. If you live in the northern climates where splitting wood each year is something you don't like to do, this machine will make all the difference for you.