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Failure of chip machine in use -- fly cutter accident


   Failure cause:
1. Flying bolts or bottom bolts are not tightened in accordance with the provisions of tightening torque;
2. with ordinary bolts instead of the knife bolt or the end of the bolt;
3. Flying knife and bottom knife gap is too small or no gap;
4. Bottom knife or knife seat contact surface is not clean, resulting in Flying knife or the end knife failed to clamp;
5. The key is not locked;
6. Inside the machine or the input of raw materials within the metal;
7. Use a handy bad blade.

   Elimination method:
1. fastening torque value and order fastening bolt and bottom cutter bolt according to the provisions;
2. high strength bolts shall be ordered from the manufacturer, and shall not be replaced by ordinary bolts;
3. before starting, check with the feeler gauge and bottom knife knife gap in the range of 0.5~1mm;
4. when changing the knife, clean the joint of the flying knife seat or the flying knife seat, and there is no resin, debris and other debris;
5. sides alternately or alternately locking clip keys;
6. conveyor installation metal detector, before starting inspection machine and conveyor belt shall not have metal objects;
7. stop using inferior blades and order blades from equipment manufacturers.