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Follow Our Tips for Safely Using a Performance Built Log Splitter


Outdoor power equipment helps you to effectively work in the hospital, saving you more time. The Performance Built Log Splitter specifically reduces the time and effort required to cut down trees or clean up after winter. However, when using log splitteror other outdoor power equipment, please use the instructions to ensure safe operation. Before the log splitter, check the safety tips for these log splitter and read, understand and follow all instructions in the machine and operating manual.

Familiar with all the controls and correct operation. Know how to stop the machine and quickly get out. Do not let children under the age of 16 operate the machine. Children over 16 years of age should read and understand the instructions and classification safety rules in this manual and be trained and supervised by their parents.

When many people operate the machine, there will be many accidents. Do not start operating the machine until the helper is at least 10 feet from the machine. Keep spectators, pets and children running at least 20 feet from the machine.

Check for liquid leakage. The hydraulic shunt produces a higher fluid pressure during operation. The fluid flowing through the pinhole opening can penetrate your skin, causing blood poisoning, gangrene, and even if untreated or even dead. This is why the correct separator safety protocol includes checking for fluid leaks before running.

Keep the operator area and adjacent areas safe and securely installed. Do not use this machine for any other purpose of splitting wood. When using a log splitter, always wear safety shoes or heavy boots. Wear safety glasses or safety goggles whenever you operate the unit. Do not wear jewelry or loose clothes, these clothes may be wound in the outdoor power equipment moving or rotating parts.

Make sure that the machine is in a horizontal plane before operation. Always block the machine to prevent accidental movement and lock it in horizontal or vertical position. When using the log splitter divider, in the operator area specified in the operator's manual.