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Log splitter---Four important factors affecting the quality of wood chips produced by wood chips


First: the type of wood chipper is suitable for the production of large scale raw material with large size of raw logs, and is equipped with a screening machine and a crusher.
Second: the choice of cutting tool for wood chipper, the sharpness of the cutter directly affects the quality of the chipper. There are two kinds of flying blades. They are single edged and double edged. In order to ensure sharp edges, the blades must be regularly grinded and replaced. Under normal circumstances, the flying cutter should be replaced every 4~8h and the bottom knife should be changed every half month.
The third: the machine blade installation, length and thickness of the wood chipper chipper is composed of a blade material position, angle of decision, chipping is the width of fracture formation, it depends on the shear strength of material stripes, slightly less than the general chip length. All blades are required to extend the same amount and keep the distance between the flying knife and the bottom knife accurately.
Fourth: the quality of raw materials and the quality of raw materials directly affect the quality of wood chips. Therefore, the raw materials should be regular, with certain moisture content, no decay and less skin. The quality of the raw material is directly affected by the quality of the raw material. Therefore, it is required that the material should be well structured, with a certain moisture content, no decay and less skin content.