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Fracture Analysis of Anchor Bolt of Wood Shredder


      1. Wood shredder folder with a lot of wood, heavy load forced after the move, the anchor bolts to withstand greater shear stress led to break the stud.
      2. Machine load vibration or vibration board in the pit caused by rotten nuts loose, the entire rack for before and after the movement, lost the chewing thorn, set with "sick" work, but also not found in time, eventually lead to borer bolt The
      Wood shredding machine bearing damage, running in the increased load, resulting in leakage of fat in the face of these problems when we how to deal with it? Remove the original concrete foundation, replace the anchor bolts, re-pour the foundation. The program applies to the ribs of the original bolt more broken, the basis of cracks, giant cracks larger, continue to use more hidden wood shredders. The specific practices and steps is to remove the original foot borer bolt concrete foundation, remove the main brutal bolt, well clean up the work surface; find the base, the replacement of all the anchor bolts; to foot foot bolt foundation grouting, to be concrete After the strength of the installed capacity, tighten the foot bolt, review the correct way after the passage; with anchored activities to foot thief bolt, should be buried in the appropriate reserved tube. Grouting is generally made of fine gravel concrete, the ground bolts should be inserted into the thickness of about 100mm of oil-soaked hemp rope or all filled with dry sand, poured into the anchor bolt hole concrete depth of about 2mMo, in the wood Shredding machine before and after the pouring of a concrete, J in the base - side of the embedded a 14 channel, grabbed between the slot and the gap between the 5-10mm, and then break the bolt according to the program repaired , Tighten the snail, in the base and the channel between the iron can be tightened.