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How do you deal with the blade of the chopper?


   The splitting machine will inevitably encounter the splashing of the chopper blade after a certain period of time. This time to split wood machine blade from the blunt sharp, restore the efficiency of the wood splitter into the most urgent need to solve the problem, the following is not sharp blade of the three cases:
   1, the blade is not worn blunt
   If the splashing machine blade lubrication effect is not good, or split wood machine due to smash the sticky object causes a lot of dirt attached to the blade, it will also cause the chopper blade blunt. If we encounter this situation, then clear the blade of the dirt, and then to the wood splitter blade can be lubricated.
   2, the blade is slightly worn
   If the wear of the chopper blade is a slight wear, then the blunt split wood cutter blade removed, and then cleaning work, cleaning can be completed after the completion of grinding session. The final job is to re-install the chopper blade. Tips: After grinding a good chopper blade installed on the wood splitter, the best immediately after a lubrication work.
   3, the blade serious wear and tear blunt
   If the wear of the chopper blade is very serious (it can not be repaired or the repair cost is too high), you must replace the new chopper blade. Buy a new split wood machine blade, be sure to pay attention to the quality of wood splitter blade, not sloppy.