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How does the lawnmower blade choose?


    Mower work where we usually think of a lot of good lawn, lawn mower is now widely used in such occasions.
    Then you know how to deal with the distinctive long grass area? This requires that each lawn mower have a strong demand for customers and high-quality mower blade, high productivity and good cutting quality, but also to see the characteristics of the lawn, the management requirements, for example Whether you need a wider mowing width, or the cutterheads have an independent terrain following ability, or cut out beautiful stripes, circulate the mowers, and you can consider these issues when you choose a lawn mower , So that the right choice for the lawn of the machine and other use of accessories.
    Said so much, in fact, that the choice of lawn mower blade is really important, a variety of occasions are the corresponding blade optional, rotary knife lawn mower coupled with different types of knife blade can be in different lawn conditions Get the best pattern effect, and finally according to the characteristics of the stadium and the appropriate selection of high-wing, mid-wing, low-wing rotary knife, to get different mowing quality. If you need to cut grass, you can choose a strong multi-tooth atomic blade, this blade can be grass and leaves crushed into very fine pieces. Will not affect the appearance.
   To sum up, the choice of mower blade according to the terrain, there are requirements and so on to determine the conditions to choose.