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How to Change Tires of Log Splitter


By inventing a hydraulic log splitter, the task of wood separation is greatly reduced. The hydraulic log splitter is used to divide the cork or hardwood logs that were previously cut into slices or rounds. Most splitter consists of a hydraulic rod and a piston, which determines the magnitude of the force that the separator can produce. The length of the circle that can be divided by the log splitter depends entirely on the level of its power; the lower the rated power, the shorter the cutting length. These hydraulic shunts last for a long time, but from time to time will need to be maintained to improve their durability. One of the most common way to repair is to replace tires. You can quickly complete tire replacement by using new tires and several tools. This is a guide on how to do it.

First, you need to move the log splitter to a flat surface, more preferably to move the sticky place. Use the correct socket size to remove the lug nut from the flange. Depending on the size of the tire, each tire can have one or up to six lugs. Use a socket and a ratchet wrench to loosen the nut two and a half turns at a time. You may need a circuit breaker to help you release the earring nut. Broken bars are a simple tool for leveraging on socket wrenches or ratchet wrenches. You can only use a pipe with a length of at least 12 inches. By placing the pipe at the end of the socket wrench and pressing it, you will remove any lug nuts, no matter how rust it may be.

Second, you have to raise the tires to be replaced and use the lever on the floor jack to lift it to the ground for free rotation. After the tires are high enough to turn, continue to loosen the carpet nuts until they fall off and then remove the tires. The third step is to put on new tires. To achieve this, you need to match the tire to the lug thread and secure the nut on it. Then, tighten the nut as much as possible. Finally, by allowing the floor socket down, the log splitter is returned to the floor. To do this, turn the release valve clockwise. Tighten the lug nut again so that it is tight enough to prevent the wheel from falling off.

You also need to check the fun of the tires and make sure they are at the right level. When you split the wood away from your home, the log splitter may break down, so if you are in trouble, you should be prepared for proper maintenance. More importantly, ensure the durability of the log splitter by proper and regular maintenance.