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How to Choose Horizontal or Vertical Log Splitters


Horizontal or Vertical Log Splitter. How to choose?

It’s simple really. The smaller electric-powered horizontal log splitters we sell are ideal when you have lower volumes and smaller sizes of logs. They’re the most popular type and will be perfectly adequate for most people’s needs. They can be operated either at floor level or on a bench or in some cases come with a stand enabling waste-high operation.

The electric and petrol vertical log splitters we sell are mid-sized machines that can deal with a larger range of log sizes and greater volumes. They’re ideal if you’re going to be preparing firewood regularly and have a larger-sized property with perhaps more than one wood burner. These machines have adjustable base-plates allowing you to configure the log splitter depending on log size for maximum efficiency.

The most powerful log splitters we sell are petrol-powered horizontal machines that generally will have a tow hitch of some description enabling you to hook them up to either a garden tractor, ATV or a motor vehicle depending on the attachment. These are high performance machines that are ideal for anyone who regularly chops wood and needs to handle any and all wood types with ease. Some models also offer added speed and efficiency so these machines might be considered by those looking to save time.

There more differences between horizontal and vertical splitters, but we’ll deal with all that later.

Why choose electric? Quiet, exhaust-free use and cost-effective maintenance make electric log splitters a simple and efficient solution to all your wood splitting needs. When it comes to finding the right electric log splitter to fit your purpose, you won’t find a better selection than what we offer here at Wood Splitters Direct. Just choose the tonnage range that fits your needs and the electric splitters that fit your selection will be displayed. There are several options and configurations to choose from so be sure to check out the product descriptions of the models you’re interested in. If you need advice or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our awesome product experts at