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How to do the blockages in the wooden machine


Wood machine jam, I will first think of is that the improper operation of the operator and the machine with the wood wood debris will be blocked, it is entirely their own problems, we in the formal work, have strict training, absolutely not so simple mistakes can avoid the crime, then or is the equipment of their own problems, equipment problems of its own, may be due to disrepair, this kind of problem, can only be replaced, in addition, what are the problems? Get to know it together.
The pipe plugging under the inner shell: when the pipe is blocked, the accumulated coarse material in the inner shell can overflow from the return leaf into the finished product, so that the fineness of the product is suddenly thickened. At this point the load of the hoist will fall quickly, and the machine should be stopped and processed immediately. The cracking of the inner shell of the composite wood chip machine and the wood crusher will cause the inner shell of the inner shell to leak into the finished product and make the fineness of the finished product coarser. In this situation, the way to enter the control board or to increase the number of auxiliary wind blades will also be invalid, and the fineness of the product is still very coarse. At this time, it should be checked in time. In the bend of the lower cone discharge pipe, it is the most easy to present the inner shell erosion hole. If there is a broken hole, it can be temporarily repaired.
The control panel is not homogeneous: in the operation of compound chip machine and wood crusher, the control panel will also move inward or outward due to the vibration of the body, resulting in the change of product fineness. At this time, it is also necessary to reflect on whether the outer size of the control board is all homogeneous, so that it can be corrected in time. The first heavy maintenance of the compound wood chip machine and the wood crusher will be checked after one month of continuous working of the machine. Of course, this time depends on the detailed operation time of the machine. After about 500 hours, the hand oil pump is cleaned and the hydraulic oil is changed. The pressure of the accumulator is detected, and nitrogen is supplemented if the accumulator is insufficient. Test the wood peeling machine and fasten the connecting parts of the screw, and adjust the tensioning of the triangle belt, then it is the double maintenance of the stop depth maintenance. Composite wood and wood crusher triangular belt, belt in use for a long time will be tight or a loose, especially the effect of using wood crusher wood processing production line, triangle belt slipping can't stop driving crushing, then the entire production line will bring you to stop the great benefit is negative.
If there is a blockage of wood machine, we said before, the first reason to learn to judge where the problem, and then find a solution, so no matter what problems we face, are the same, the concrete analysis of concrete problems, do not understand can consult the relevant professionals, not working hard, otherwise the equipment may cause more serious damage.