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How to do the chipper vibration


   Cause of issue:
1. Hydraulic system oil-free, wood chip machine in the oil-free state work;
2. The shut-off valve is not closed and the hand pump handle is in the oil return position so that the hydraulic system is free of oil;
3. The oil pressure into the cylinder is not enough, the oil pressure is lower than the air pressure, the accumulator does not work;
4. In the accumulator nitrogen pressure is insufficient or the pressure is too high, can not accumulate, buffer the role;
5. Damage to the cylinder seal inside the valve, oil pressure can not hold;
6. Single-phase throttle valve installed, so that the feed roller down too fast;
7. The anchor bolts are not fastened;
8. Discharge system is blocked;
9. Flying knife grinding inconsistency, or a group of several flying knife weight range.
Method of exclusion:
1. Refuel the pump and pour the specified oil pressure into the large oil cylinder.
2. Wood chip machine work, close the cut-off valve, hand pump switch handle on the middle;
3. Replenish the oil pressure so that the oil pressure is higher than the air pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.6Mpa;
4. Supplement or release part of the nitrogen to the specified value;
5. Replace the shut-off valve and cylinder seal;
6. Install the one-way throttle valve in the correct direction;
7. Fastening the anchor bolts;
8. Discharge the phenomenon of congestion, so that the material flow;
9. After re-sharpening or re-weighing.