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How to Find Best Log Splitter for Your Needs


A Log Splitter is used for splitting logs. These split logs are used in a variety of ways in the lumber and construction trades as well as by home owners. These logs are great for firewood. It is also used for wood carving, craft projects, making log furniture and many other projects. There really is no end to the use of a wood splitter.

Good log splitters can finish a job with little energy from a person. Sharp blades make sure there is a reliable split. Those same sharp blades can cause harm if proper care is not taken. Make sure you're wearing protective eye goggles, long pants, gloves and a long sleeved shirt. Make sure none of your clothing is loose. You don't want any clothing caught in the wood splitter. Keep all long hair pulled back. Steel tipped boots and a helmet are probably a good idea too.

The splitter is a device that helps to eliminate the requirement for a maul tool and labor. It consists of an electrical rod or hydraulic and piston assembly. It is often evaluated by the pressure it can spawn. Higher pressure makes the splitter stronger. Usually the home-use splitters have a rating around ten tons, and twenty-five tons for professional models. They are mainly motorized by a diesel engine and gasoline. The entire splitter is portable. Once the logs are split, they are tossed into the wagon or truck. Here is a list of the different types of basic splitters.

Manual Splitter

These lightweight tools are easy to store and carry when traveling. They make for a great at-home wood splitter that is used for cutting firewood or for other home projects. They do require quite a bit of manpower, but are easier to use than an ax.

Electric Splitters

Electric splitters have increased in popularity since gas prices soared. They are easy to use and weigh less than a hydraulic or diesel log splitter. Electric wood splitters are also more cost effective than those run with gas or diesel.

Depending on where you live, the price of electricity may be far less than that of gas, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in fuel expenses.

These splitters are great for moderate use. They work well for cutting firewood at home or in a restaurant. Another great feature is that they can be used indoors- though they are rather noisy.

Gas Powered Splitters

A gas powered splitter is generally used for commercial purposes. These wood splitters can process quickly and efficiently several numbers of logs a day. The gasoline engine of these machines is noisier when compared to that of the electric and manual splitter. Since it leaves out toxic fumes, they cannot be used indoors. Since the manufacturers market the splitters based on tons, it is essential to choose the log splitter based on its reliability and productivity.