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How to improve the qualified rate of cutting?


With the progress of society, the development of the industry, the emergence of wood splitting machine, brings convenience to many large enterprises, so chipper in the choice, should pay attention to what the problem, in order to better improve the qualified rate of cutting? Follow the little editor and see:

In order to meet the needs of processing all kinds of chemical wood pulp, the choice of wood cutting machine can effectively improve the pulping effect, and the qualified rate higher, also can be adjusted according to the needs of the blade, thereby producing a variety of different sizes of wood, so it must be better to grasp, to ensure that in terms of quality advantage will be in place, to ensure the effect will be better.

Wood splitting machine is an important auxiliary equipment in wood chip processing industry, mainly consisting of two series: vertical and horizontal. Its function is the working principle of hydraulic, large, large branches will stump logs and hard wood split, in order to achieve the chipper feed size requirements, or raw materials into other uses of the material. General itinerary specifications are 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, nominal pressure of 30 tons, 35 tons, 50 tons and so on, in order to use more convenient horizontal type, and can be produced according to user demand for traction mobile machines.

However, different types of equipment, there are some differences when chopping wood, you can choose according to need more reasonable cutting type, it can have a more outstanding performance in quality assurance, to win more recognition, this time must have a more outstanding performance in the quality assurance, which features the advantages of can more prominent. In order to ensure that the quality can be better, at this time, the choice of wood splitter can certainly be higher in the rate of cutting wood chip, but also in the effect of better, so we must pay enough attention to. In order to meet the different specifications and thickness of wood chip processing, the choice of equipment must be more attention.