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How to maintain the hydraulic system of wood chip machine


As we all know, wood chip machines are in use, its various systems are playing a small role, each system has a different role, so it reached the purpose is different, today we are particularly introduced is that it Of the hydraulic system, the so-called hydraulic system is that by changing its pressure to increase the force to meet the specific performance requirements, then after it is used in how to maintain it?
1, First of every day when the chipboard production to check whether there is any obvious damage.
2, Smear oil every day, because the work of the hydraulic system of wood chip machine needs lubrication to reduce the friction to reduce the consumption of the machine.
3, In addition to the first test machine boot, use once do not directly into the wood work.
Woodchip hydraulic system is based on the transmission of power and movement as the main function, one can imagine that it is in use at the time the role played is relatively large, so for its basic maintenance work even more is not less, in order to Better use of the product, I hope we can master the maintenance skills.