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How to Protect Safe China Log Splitter and the Users


You must ensure the cleanness and dry of the logarithmic splitter before storing. Such maintenance is integrant for ensuring the several years of trouble-free. Before storing the equipment, make sure that the indenter is fully retracted. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise to release any pressure, then turn the handwheel clockwise to tighten again. Grease all metal surfaces before storage. In bad weather and winter stored in the room or dry area. Check the log splitter with damaged parts. If you need to repair log splitter, please touch with authorized customer service in our company.

The log separator typically uses a hydraulic plunger to force the wedge through the log ring against the steel plate and to be oriented horizontally. Hydraulic cylinder stroke can controlled by hand or foot. These controls are usually located close to the grip, and, if not properly covered, may operate mistakenly. Symmetrical shunt does not allow knee joint operation control.

Use and store the log splitter according to the instructions.The log separator can not be modified without the advice and approval of the suppliers and manufacturers. Check that all guards and safety devices are working properly and never operate a logarithmic splitter before correcting every faults

Please notice that if the log separator is not completely protected by an interlocking guard, it can only be used by one operator, since any other person assisting in the removal of cracked wood is not protected by the hands control device.