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How to Protect Yourself When Using Log Splitter


Place the log on the board. When locating the logs, make sure it relies on the texture of the wood.

By keeping your left hand on the side of the log relative to the beam, keep the log stable. Never put your hand at the end of the log, or between the log and the end plate. Move the control handle to the forward position and observe the wedge for all work. Once the wedge touches the logs, immediately remove your left hand and keep the control handle in the forward position.

Loosen the control handle to stop the wedge. Move the control handle to the reverse position and return the wedge to its starting position. If, for any reason, the wedge only partially splits the wood or becomes stuck, immediately move the control handle to the reverse position. Then, move the control handle back to the advanced position. This should allow the wedge to get momentum and push through the log - like a run back to draw the steam before punching. Do not try to remove some of the separated logs by hand. The wedge shows no mercy on your fingers.

Use log separators only in daylight. Night is not a right time. Always wear strong shoes or boots, as well as safety glasses or goggles. When the wood splits, sometimes fragments fly. Do not wear jewelry that may be stuck in the log divider or loose clothes. Make sure the beam is locked before starting. Cut the logs into squares before splitting.

Do not attempt to split multiple logs at once. Keep the work area clean remove any wood from the machine so that it does not trip. The person who loads and stabilizes the Log Splitter is the person who manipulates the handle.