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How to reduce costs in the production of wood shredders


    To the user in the use of wood crusher production process, inadvertently produced some unnecessary expenses. Users use wood shredders to process finished products, originally to bring their own benefits. But how hard it can bring the benefits of it so inadvertently flow away that? The following for the majority of users support several strokes.
   1, to reduce the number of device startup. Now most of the motors are energy-saving motor, such as 30KW motor only when the start is 30, then the operation process is not so high, only 20 or more. Reducing start-up can save a significant amount of wood crusher.
   2, feeding speed uniformity. In the production, the feed rate should be uniform, to avoid too much feed, resulting in card machine, so easy to motor failure. Protect the motor, to avoid burning, not only delay production, need to buy a new motor, resulting in unnecessary expenses.
   3, the power unit of the belt should not be too tight or too loose, too tightly likely to cause the belt break, over delivery caused by lack of power, so that the wood crusher stuck. Reboot does not say that the motor burned the expenses on the big.
   4, to protect the screen and the blade, forbidden stone, metal and other materials into the machine, so easy to cause blade breakage and damage to the screen, but a screen is not cheap. Protect the screen and the blade from unnecessary expenses.
   Above is some of the production process of small skills, not only to ensure the normal production, but also reduce the number of unnecessary expenses, but also greatly reduce the production costs.