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How to reduce the noise when the chippers work


   1, wood chips in the processing, after cutting the material will hit the machine's inner wall of the collision, there will be strong noise, we have to wear a wear-resistant liner to deal with the impact of the noise.
   2, in the material plate and the feed hopper of the transmission surface, add the frame with the shell cover to resist the promotional material, can drop a lot of noise radiation surface.
   3, wood chip at work, the speed of feeding can not be too slow nor too fast, feeding too slow but the noise will be greater, feeding too fast machine load increases, the production rate of the machine blade wear is also a greater degree of wear.
   4, in order to reduce the noise of wood chips, we should often be protected and maintenance, machine bearings often filling oil, reduce the noise together can also add the machine life.
   5, on the wood chip rotating parts carefully balanced, our equipment in each factory before the school balance, and then reduce the cone sleeve and eccentric shaft clearance to reduce the oscillation intensity.