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How to repair the wear of the large wood shredder journal


Traditional solutions such as post-welding machining, inlay bushings, brush plating, spraying, pitting, scrapping, etc., have dealt with the needs of production to some extent, but they cannot solve the problem fundamentally, and Safety and continuous production have also buried hidden dangers, such as high temperature deformation, cracks, and coatings falling off. At the same time, the continuation of these traditional methods will not bring about substantial improvement in equipment management.

Sole carbon nano-polymer material is a high-performance epoxy two-component composite reinforced by carbon nanotubes and nano-inorganic materials. The biggest advantage of this material is that it uses special nano-inorganic materials to bond with oxygen of epoxy ring molecules to improve the bonding force between molecules, thereby greatly improving the overall performance of materials, and it can adhere well to various metals, concrete, Glass, plastic, rubber and other materials. Has good resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion. At the same time, good machining and wear resistance can serve the wear and tear of metal parts.

Wood crusher journal wear repair steps:

1. The size, rotation speed and wear factor of the equipment, and the corresponding “machining”, “tooling” and “scraping” repairing processes are selected.

2. Prepare for pre-construction, such as tools and materials.

3. Surface degreasing.

4. Rough surface treatment.

5. Sole carbon nano-polymer materials are strictly blended in proportion and mixed thoroughly until the color is uniform and there is no color difference.

6. Fill the material according to the wear size and restore the size according to the selected “repair process”.

7. Perform sufficient time for curing. The specific curing time depends on the site temperature and refers to the material technical data sheet.