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How to Select a Suitable Wood Splitter


When choosing a lawn sweeper, be sure to consider the size of the unit as well as any additional features included. Some sweepers, for example, will feature a hopper that can be tilted and dumped without the need for you to leave your seat on the tractor or ATV. Others may need to be unloaded by hand. The models that need to be unloaded by hand are likely to be less expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, this may be your best option. If you have a bigger budget, consider a lawn sweeper with the automatic dumping feature.

Choose a lawn sweeper made with high-quality, durable materials. Avoid cheap plastics if possible and instead look for models with metal bodies that will stand up to some abuse. Metal will add weight to the unit, but plastic is more prone to cracking, which means it is not necessarily an ideal material for lawn care. It is also a good idea to look for a sweeper that features a foldable handle for easier storage.

Tow-behind lawn sweepers have various widths, which will determine how quickly you can collect leaves and debris. A 21" sweeper is suitable for a small to average sized property, but a 100" sweeper is a necessity for a large property. Large hopperHoppers collect the leaves as they're swept up. Their capacities vary by cubic feet. A small yard may only require a 12 cubic-foot hopper, but a larger lawn may require a 26 cubic-foot hopper. For very large properties, you can even opt for multiple-hoppers capable of holding as much as 78 cubic-feet worth of leaves and debris. Multi-Hitch HeightHitches vary in height. The height you choose should be based on what you're towing it with. For example, a zero-turn hitch may differ from a garden tractor's. If you're unsure what height you need, choose a sweeper with a multi-hitch height. This will provide more versatility and take some of the worry out of whether or not it will fit. Yard work can be a daunting prospect if you are faced with the task of cleaning away materials across the expanse of your lawn but only have hand tools to assist your efforts. Having and using the proper tools for the job will help you finish the cleanup quickly, puts less stress on the body, and makes the work easier.