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Log splitter---How to solve the problems caused by the wood shredder


No matter what kind of machinery. When used for a long time or when used improperly, there will be a variety of glitch. Wood shredders can't escape this rank. It’s not terrible to have problems. If you can’t solve the problem, what should I do when the wood shredder fails?

Wood shredder

When the rotor of the motor is not concentric with the rotor of the wood shredder, the machine produces an overall vibration. The copper can be padded on the bottom of the bearing housing, or an adjustable wedge iron can be added to the bottom of the bearing to ensure that the two shaft heads are concentric.

Wood grinder internal rotor

The local vibration of the crushing chamber is large. The reason is that the coupling of the coupling and the rotor is not uniform or the mass of the flat hammer inside the rotor is not uniform. According to different types of couplings, the corresponding method can be used to adjust the coupling between the coupling and the motor: when the mass of the hammer is not uniform, each group of hammers must be re-selected to make the ground of the symmetrical hammer wood shredder system If the bolt is loose or the foundation is not strong, the anchor bolt should be evenly fastened during the installation or maintenance. Between the foundation of the foot and the crusher, the shock absorber should be installed to reduce the vibration and if the bolt of the wood grinder is loose. There is also the possibility of strong vibrations of the body.

Wood shredder blade

Or when there is debris in the crushing chamber, it will also cause vibration. To eliminate this fault, it is necessary to clean the crushing chamber and clean up the debris in the crushing chamber. In fact, in the event of these glitch, if you can find the corresponding reason, you can accurately eliminate these glitch. Of course, it is also very much related to the technical staff of the operation, understands the problems associated with the wood shredder, and can well solve any failures caused by the wood shredder. Keeping wood shredder equipment in good working order is an important principle that employees follow.