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How to solve the wood crusher work dust removal approach


     Wood crusher work is divided into two kinds of dust, one is in progress, the other is now the formation of pollution of dust, the concentration of 1-3 mg / cubic meter, there is a certain hazard, higher than 3 Mg / m3, there is a greater harm, so tell you a way to prevent dust:
    1, install the dust collector. At present, most of the crusher is crushed and vacuum as a whole, the production process with few dust flying, is the use of crushed material by the rotation of the role of centrifugal force, automatically into the capture bag, dust from the dust box by the bag filter and discharge.
   2, the amount of wood crusher air volume: generally take suction measures to prevent dust leakage, but the suction capacity is too large will cause uneven wear and tear of the wind, should be appropriate to control air volume.
   3, bag dust: There is a class of crusher with a bag to collect wood flour, bags and the machine out of the powder mouth tight, to prevent leakage leakage powder. Operation should pay attention to parking should be blocked when the powder mouth. The bag is generally sandwich, can be made of ordinary fine white cloth, bag size size appropriate, bags can not be too dense, otherwise it will hinder the exhaust, affecting the normal work of the machine. Regularly clean the bag or remove the bag dust with a vacuum cleaner.
   4, shower or pool dust: the main use of the fan to the dust between the crushing room, and then spray and vacuum, or with a pool of dust and so on.