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How to Split a Log with Log Splitter


There is an old saying that the fire will heat you twice: once you cut it, burn it again. Really enough to cut and split the firewood is a good way to exercise sweat, is also very useful. Here are some tips to make sure the work is fast and safe.

It is important to wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment when cutting firewood. Wear work boots, safety goggles, work gloves, trousers and long-sleeved shirts. It is also a good idea to wear a chain protection and a mask when using a log splitter.

First use a chain saw to trim all the branches in the log. We recommend the use of a 16-inch log splitter, which provides a good combination of power, cutting speed and capacity without being too heavy or bulky.

After the "lame" log, you will need to cut it into about 16 inches of debris, which is ideal for most fireplaces and wood. But do not cut off everything immediately. First, use a chain saw to cut each 16-inch shallow slot into a log to mark where you will be cutting. In order to place the trough evenly, do not destroy the tape, use a 16-inch long strip as a guide.

Saw the motor housing at the end of the wood and place the saw blade flat on the log. Write down the top of the bar with the log position. Raise the saw and cut a short, shallow groove on the mark. Now place the saw motor housing on the groove, flatten the note on the logs and repeat. Continue in this way, using the bar as a guide to cut the 16-inch interval groove into the entire log.

Use chain saws to cut three-quarters of the logs at each 16-inch groove. Do not try to cut everything through the log; you will eventually cut into the soil or rock, which will soon passivate the saw chain. Instead, roll the log 180 degrees and cut the last quarter of the wood.

You also need a chopping board, a raised surface, the wood is divided into wood. You will need logs of 14 to 16 inches in diameter up to 12 inches in diameter. Place the anvil on a flat floor and place one of the 16-inch logs in the top of the chopping board.