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How to Use a Cnsuperpower Log Splitter Safely


Electric are very good option for most homeowners that need to split less than 10 cords of firewood annually. It is important to know how to use a Log Splitter- safely. Below are some guidelines for safely using an electric log splitter.

Wear appropriate clothing when operating an electric wood splitter. Safety glasses or goggles are the best way to protect your eyesight. The lenses in regular eye glasses my not be impact resistant. Choose sturdy footwear. Steel toed work boots will offer the best protection from foot injury.

Make sure the work area is clutter free and properly lighted. Remove any object that could interfere with your access to the machine. Be sure that the work surface is clear of excess water or any chemical that could cause the operator to accidentally slip and fall. Use additional lighting if you cannot easily see the entire work area.

If an extension cord is needed to connect the wood splitter to a power source follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the correct type of cord. Also, place the extension cord in a position that will not interfere with your access to the device or be in danger of being caught in the moving parts.

Depending on the type of electric log splitter that is being used, the machine may need to be placed on a sturdy table or platform. Avoid working a machine in a position that requires constant bending down or over reaching. Bolt the electric log splitter to the table or platform if it moves too much during operation.

Do not allow any person that is untrained or unfamiliar with the safe operation your specific type of electric log splitter to operate the machine. Never let children operate the device, even under adult supervision.