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How to use a stump grinder


    Step 1:
   Check the fuel tank to see if it is full, close it off is not the top check the engine's oil level and commend is if it is low before the start of the stump of the grinder engine to put a pair of safety glasses, leather work gloves and some hearing protection Short stumps, stumps grinds in place so that the grinding teeth touch the top edge of the stumps set the wheels to the locked position of the wheels and the engine throttle "start / release" position to open the "engine on / off" switch. "Start the engine The
   Step 2:
   Allow the engine to warm up, if it is about two minutes before the idle lock on the rear wheel of the tilting machine back lift off the ground grinding gear set the throttle "engage" when grinding the grinding speed, reduce the wheel's stump and allow the chip to wood , Slowly if the grinding teeth began to climb the stump, the stump grinder repositioned, so it was still stable.
   Step 3:
Move the grinder from one side to the other, reducing the entire stumps by about 1 inch per pass until some of the stumps have been ground repeats this process and need to re-stump the grinder until the stump has dropped 4 to 6 inches below the ground floor.
  Step 4:
  Metal rakes and shovels to clear the area while you need to work on the stakes around the stumps of larger stumps, the greater the amount of chips, which will need to be cleared after composting them using these as a garden cover wood or loaded with a vehicle They go to a green waste dumping or recycling center.
   Step 5:
   Reduce the throttle level
   Back to the starting position when the ground falls below 4 to 6 inches to ground the stump, so that the wheel and the teeth stop turning to release the wheel brake and move the stump grinder so the rest of the wood chips can be cleaned with rakes and shovels when you finish Clean wood chips
   Step 6:
   Fill out the 4 - 6 - inch hole on the ground, covered with soil and grass or turf, or use it as a small flower tree. The remaining stumps will break down and break over for years.