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If the wood chip machine reducer is vulnerable


   Failure cause:
1. too much feed, resulting in long-term overload reducer, gear vulnerable;
The 2. feeding roller is jammed by the broken wood chips, and the reducer continues to operate, causing the gear to be overloaded and damaged;
The 3. speed reducer is directly converted and reversed, so that the gear is vulnerable to impact;
Too little or too much oil in 4. speed reducer.
   Elimination method:
1. to avoid overload by feeding the specified section of chip machine;
2. clearance between feed rollers and between feed roller and wallboard;
3., reduce feed volume, avoid frequent positive reversal, and positive and negative reversal can not be directly converted, until the reducer stopped, re conversion;
4. add or reduce oil quantity, the oil surface of the upper reducer reaches the center line of oil mark, and the lower reducer reaches the centerline of oil mark.