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Internal structure and composition of wood shredder


   The internal structure of the wood shredder is similar, but the internal structure has caused the actual effect of different; internal structure mainly by the body, lining plate, crushing tool, under the body, fan, rotor, Bag filter and other components.
   Lining plate to increase the degree of wear equipment; dust removal equipment more humane to solve the problem of dust pollution. Workers in the operation of the time will not be dust pollution; into the crushing room, indoor tell the rotating tool, the liner plate tooth plate, adding the material in the tool to hit the high-speed collision and friction and other common role quickly crushed into powder shape. As the centrifugal force and the shredder crusher under the action of negative pressure, crushed material through the screen into the lower chamber was forced to suck the fan, but also by the fan to the unloader. Dust the role of environmental protection will dust adsorption, the entire operation process without dust, no pollution.
   Efficient wood grinder feed mouth with wood powder granulator body with stainless steel door cover and chute and feeder. Feeding the use of frequency control feed, to ensure uniform feeding. To ensure that the extension of mechanical equipment, product quality, tons of consumption costs. The use of international advanced manufacturing process for your various wood crusher tailor-made for a variety of raw materials with high-quality mold. Wood crusher effectively solve the biomass coarse fiber difficult granulation, the effect of poor shortcomings main drive with high precision gear drive with quick release hoop type, the output than the belt drive to increase production of about 15%.