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Knowledge of Leakage Protection of Splitting Machine


   Now, the use of many devices are not open from the power, split wood is the same, in order to ensure personal safety, in order to prevent the internal circuit was burned, which led to equipment failure can not be used to understand some of the electrical protection of knowledge is essential. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge:
   1, with high-voltage circuit breaker: When the system fails, it can not only relay the role of protection devices, cut off the load current and short-circuit current, but also cut off or close the chopper high-voltage circuit in the no-load current and load Current.
   2, the protection of grounding and zero: in the neutral point of direct grounding low-voltage power grid, the power device should be used low-voltage zero protection; neutral non-direct grounding low-voltage power grid, wood splitter mechanical device should be low-voltage grounding protection. Sometimes, in the neutral point directly grounded three-phase four-wire power grid, do protect the neutral line PEN repeat grounding to reduce the leakage of the device shell to ground voltage; reduce the neutral line caused by the risk of electric shock; The line should be as close as possible to the phase line and the cross section should not be less than 50% of the phase line.
   3, split wood machine dedicated transformer power supply of low-voltage power grid: the power device should be used to connect the neutral point of the three-phase five-wire system to protect the zero system - electrical equipment, metal shell must be protected with a dedicated zero line reliable connection; Line should be the first level leakage protector power side of the zero line or working ground wire, power distribution room leads to the zero line.
   Split wood leakage protection can not be separated from these parts, these components for the use of equipment, can effectively prevent the leakage phenomenon, thus protecting the user and the safety of equipment, so these three components should pay attention to normal Of the maintenance, once the damage phenomenon, immediately replaced.