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Log Splitter---Wood chip machine maintenance focus


While maintaining the machine, I believe many people do not have a major focus, of course, although each part needs to be maintained, but we still have a major maintenance focus, so what are the specific areas What? What needs attention? Learn together.
1, rusty damp wood chip machine is the largest "rival", so we should pay special attention to, can not let wood chip machine rusty, damp, water and so on;
2, safe use of electricity, the use of wood chip machine to pay attention to electricity safety, must be strictly in accordance with the instructions wiring, ground must be connected;
3, to ensure that the machine lubrication, each time you start, have to be lubricated every time to inject lubricant and check whether the fastening screws loosening;
4, feed inlet is strictly prohibited metal, if abnormal circumstances must be dealt with power.
Wood chip machine can not only know how to use, but also learn the basic maintenance, so when we carry out maintenance of equipment, we must pay special attention to focus on maintenance tips.