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Log Splitter- Wood grinder installation process of attention


   If the improper installation of a good shredder, it will not give full play to its performance, resulting in decreased production, increased power consumption, wearing parts to speed up the operation of the stability factor is reduced, the failure rate increased, can not meet the needs of production .
  After the wood shredder arrives at the installation site, it is necessary to carefully check the looseness of the various connecting parts during the transportation process before installation. Due to the advanced manufacturing technology, the rotor shredder has the advantages of high dynamic balance precision, small deformation of welding, high assembly precision, Running smoothly. Therefore, the installation of wood shredder is best not to use flexible shock absorber, but be sure to level the wood shredder, anchor bolts, to ensure that the wood shredder firmly fixed on the foundation. Wood shredders are preferably installed separately, or installed in the basement (but to ensure a good wind effect and maintenance space), play a soundproof effect.
    Whether it is mechanical discharge or pneumatic negative pressure discharge must be done: the connecting section and the closed air tightness must be airtight, minimize the number of elbows installed in the pipeline, the direction of the duct and the way out to install Correct and so on. When installing the mechanical discharge process, the powder settling chamber should be left with sufficient space to allow sufficient subsidence of the powder during dust removal. It is advisable to install a bulkhead (between the wood crusher and the precipitator) in the settling chamber, Separator size is generally 1/3 the height of the settling chamber, used to block more powder into the precipitator at the same time leaving the powder sink more time; in the installation of pneumatic negative pressure discharge process, the pipeline The size of the inner diameter, the size and number of elbows, Shakron, pulse, fan selection, etc. are best to be determined by the professionals to calculate, and the installation of a professional team to install.