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Log Splitter classification and structural features


      Log Splitter according to the structure can generally be divided into disc chipper and drum chipper two categories. Divided according to the feed level feed and tilt feed two types; according to the installation can be divided into two types of fixed and mobile.
      Disc chipper chips out of the wood quality generally better than the drum chipper, therefore, the paper industry generally use disc chipper, but disc chipper to adapt to a smaller range of materials, generally only cut straight Of the large diameter timber specifications.
      Drum chippers adapt to a wide range of raw materials, not only can cut logs, footpath wood and other specifications, but also cutting a variety of logging and processing residues, as well as bamboo, cotton stalk and other non-woody grasses, and compact Low energy consumption, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Therefore, in the wood-based panel industry, the use of drum chipper more.