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Log Splitter----Classification of the working power of wood chopper


One: Wood chopper can be divided into electric power, gasoline power and manpower. The motor is powered by power, and the wood chopper needs to be located near the power supply and can be used indoors. The machinery of the motor power of gasoline can be placed near the wood at will, but it is not allowed to be used indoors because of the effect of exhaust gas.
Two: it can be divided into mechanical drive and hydraulic transmission according to the driving mode of wood chopping. The wood chopper of mechanical transmission is mostly without power, and it completes the cutting of wood by manpower and reinforcement structure. The hydraulic transmission on Power Machinery (motor or engine) driven hydraulic pump rotation to power through a capillary hydraulic system, realize the chopper or push the movement of Lycra, wood chopping process. The hydraulic power of the wood chopping wood splitting machine in the process to rely on the hydraulic power will slowly split the wood, the wood will not cause flying.
Three: according to the processing process of wood to be divided into circular saws and wood splitting machine. Log saw is a tool for cutting long logs to a certain length of wood segments for cutting. According to the way of wood placement, log saws can be divided into vertical wood chopper and horizontal wood chopper.
Four: according to the size of the power, it can be divided into small wood chopper and medium wood chopper and large wood chopper.