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Log splitter---Differences between reciprocating lawn mower and rotary mower


The reciprocating lawn mower cuts the grass by virtue of the relative shearing motion of the cutter and the fixed knife on the cutter. Its characteristics are that the cutting is neat and tidy, the power required for unit cutting is small; but the adaptability to different growth states of pasture is poor and easy to block. Suitable for flat natural pastures and artificial grasslands of general production. Since the cutter vibrates during operation, the work speed is limited. The cutting speed of the moving knife is generally less than 3 m / s, and the forward speed of the work is generally 6 to 8 km / h.

Rotary mower, the cutting speed of the blade on the high-speed rotating cutter head impact cutting cutting grass (circumferential speed of the blade root) is as high as 60-90 m / s. The work is stable and the forward speed of the work can reach more than 15 km/h. The choice of the blade of the mower is very important, it means the quality of this weeder.

Weeding with a lawn mower is better when the grass grows to 10-13 cm (cm). If the grass grows too high, it should be done in two steps. Cut the part first, then cut the part. When using the lawn mower, use both hands to maintain the handle and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree so that the cut weeds fall as far as possible to the fruit trees. Open the medium speed throttle and advance at a constant speed to save fuel consumption. When the resistance is too large or the obstacle is encountered, the blade will immediately swing back to avoid damage.

The blade can be used while changing the edge of the blade. Replacing the blade is also more convenient than a reciprocating mower. On the rotary mower, in addition to the safety device similar to the reciprocating mower, a protective cover is added above the cutter to ensure personal safety.