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Log Splitter---Drum chipper structure and characteristics?


    Drum chipper machine structure design is not too complicated, the machine uses high-quality welded steel plate structure, the whole machine mainly by the body, knife roll, the upper and lower feeding roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system components (excluding motor) High-strength welding plate, is the cornerstone of the machine. Drum chipper knife roll installation of two or three, four flying knives, with specially manufactured flying bolts through the pressure block, the flying knife fixed on the knife roll. Depending on the thickness of the material being cut, the feed roller assembly can float up and down within a certain range by means of a hydraulic system. Chopped down through the screen sheet material falling through the bottom of the discharge, the large pieces of material will be cut in the machine.
    Drum chipper hydraulic system: from the pump to the fuel tank, you can start the cover, easy blade replacement; maintenance can be raised on the feeding roller assembly, easy to adjust the flying knife, the knife gap and comb board Disassembly. The machine's structural design is reasonable, the above video can be seen, processing timber only need to put the material in the conveyor belt can be.
Drum Chipper, Drum Wood Chipper, Baseless Chipper Our company produces and is suitable for industries such as chipboard, medium density board, wood fiberboard and papermaking, and cutting raw materials for small diameter logs. Raw materials after cutting, as a certain size of small pieces of wood, as particleboard, MDF, fiberboard and other production of raw materials such as paper making, but also for fuel purposes. Wide range of applications, the diversification of raw materials, cutting wood quality, safe and reliable, and the operation is simple and convenient, high production efficiency. Drum wood machine free installation of the company debugging.