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Log splitter---How easily log splitter passes through large trees


Lumber Jack Log Splitter enables the operator to process and segment large lumber with the accuracy of the surgeon without leaving the cockpit of the construction machinery. Lumber Jack Log Splitter hydraulic logging instrument and stump separator model is a game converter.

Lumber Jack Log Splitter allows you to unload trucks and use small machines (including small excavators and backhoe excavators) to handle wood or stumps in minutes.

Two workers with chain saws, wood splitting machines and large steel bars were needed, and now only one operator can complete the Black Diamond Log Splitter on the other machine.

Backhoe excavator operators can use a rotating cone to manipulate and locate individual logs before and after splitting. You can sit in a heated cab with a radio instead of a loud machine beside it to cool and bash your fingers.

When the operator is comfortable and your staff is comfortable, you will have more production. Black Diamond Log Splitter deals with many hardwood, including oak and maple, but what impresses us most is how easily Black Diamond Log Splitter passes through large trees, which we describe as "giant knots."

It will split the treble lumber about twenty-nine inches.This is achieved by a rotating threaded chrome steel cone with replaceable tips. The cone is designed with a double helix thread, with a pitch of twenty-five mm, which can quickly penetrate wood, or a four screw thread with a pitch of fourty-four mm on the model to penetrate the largest and hardest wood more effectively.